Mont Tremblant - Cottage for rent - Swimming

Cottage for rent - Tremblant

In the heart of nature - a range of activities at your doorstep


Here are some options for cooling off on a hot summer's day.

An above-ground pool is your first option and the closest to home... right off the chalet's patio! You can also reach a few fun places to wade or swim in the Mont-Tremblant park on foot or by bike. The closest site to the house is an area where the Boulé river is shallow and sandy, a fun place for kids! To get there, take the trail at the end of chemin Canton Archambault that leads into the park and turn right at the first fork you come to (it's about 10 to 15 minutes on foot, 5 by bike). If you continue on the main trail for about 3 km further, you'll reach an amazing spot where the river flows over huge, flat rocks. Some people like to slide down the rocks like a waterslide! Further along the trail, several wilderness lakes provide almost private swimming. They're worth exploring if you have bikes.

There are other options at the main entrance of the Mont-Tremblant park. There are lakes (Lac Chat, Lac Monroe, etc.) where you can swim or rent pedalos, kayaks or canoes.